you have decided to spend a few days in our company, we would like to give you some basic recommendations and rules to be observed for the success of the event, especially if you are a beginner.


1) The motorcycle
We recommend to come with a reliable motorcycle, therefore please check all wear parts before leaving (engine oil, filters, chain drives , etc.) Tyres for enduro tours should be studded in good conditions, especially in wintertime. We are always in time to push the motorcycle along the mule tracks. It would be appreciated if you would have mousse instead of tubes, so that we could avoid wasting time in a wood because of a burst tyre, consequently annoying your companions.

2) Clothing
If you come with an off-road enduro motorcycle, clothing must be suitable to the sport you are practicing, so that to guarantee your safety. You must have protections and they must be in good conditions. Therefore: crash helmet, body armour, gloves, knee guards, goggles, elbow guards, and boots cannot be missing. If you add also a neck brace, so much the better for you. All this covered with motocross jersey and pants. In summertime, a camel bag could be useful. Bring also a belt bag with you with the basic tools for your motorcycle and a k-way in case of unfavourable weather.

3) Arrival and Departure
If the tour foresees more days, it is surely better to arrive the night before. On the following morning you would surely be more refreshed and we could leave early in the morning without being on the run.

Rule (to be observed, by the experts included)

We have done a lot along the years to win people’s trust and get the permits and approvals by the authorities in order to practice this sport. We do not want to ruin all this because of someone not observing the rules mentioned in the law as well as the moral ones. Come with a motorcycle up-to-date with the rules of the road. We do not want to be too pedantic, but please install on your motorcycle an adequate exhaust device not exceeding 98 dB (please do not come with a motocross exhaust). Turning signals can be missing, on the contrary the number plate must be present, better if original one and not the usual photocopy (you could thus avoid sequestration of your bike registration). It is absolutely forbidden to take initiatives changing the routes maybe going into private properties for which we do not have the relevant permits. In populated areas, please avoid passing at full throttle, and, if you meet someone, a friendly greeting is good manners.