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From the purely landscape-based tour to the more demanding one going through places where the Italian Championships caused even the most titled drivers to sweat. We have traced hundreds of kilometers where you can run through your fun. All this will always occur while respecting our places and nature as a rule. Moreover, you will be able to take on your tour in complete safety, being accompanied by persons who know the places, have the permits and know how to face unpleasant situations that sometimes happen to the ones who practice this marvelous discipline.

Our tours, being very flexible, can be perfectly adapted to your requirements. The lengths can be from 1 to 3-4 days. We recommend the long week-end arriving on Thursday evening and leaving on Sunday, or arriving on Friday evening and leaving on Sunday. (However, if you prefer midweek tours, we are available for them). The ideal motorbikes with which to take on the tours have a wide range that goes from the trail motorcycles to the twin-cylinder motorcycles (of course, the most suitable one is the classic off-road enduro motorcycle).

The difficulty of the route is decided together depending on the different abilities of the participants (to this end, we recommend a homogeneous group with a similar level of ability).

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